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Instructor Development


Shotokan Karate Hawke’s Bay is a member of SIA/New Zealand, and the SIA-International, with member countries throughout North America, Europe, and now New Zealand.

Although new to New Zealand, we anticipate starting an official instructor’s program within the next year, or so, for interested Shotokan practitioners here and in Australia. The SIA Instructor Training Program is designed with two goals in mind. First, to encourage the formal training of karate instructors for the development and understanding of Shotokan Karate-do. Second, to help participants develop the interpersonal, class presentation, and leadership skills necessary to motivate and guide others in their search to understand and master the art of shotokan karate-do.

Candidates are admitted to the program based upon their interest and their potential to develop into highly qualified karate instructors. The program is based on time in training, attainment of ranking, and performance of karate instruction in the candidate’s own club.

Every person licensed as an instructor by the SIA is required to attend and participate in at least 2 instructor training seminars each calendar year. Every effort is made to conduct these seminars at the individual’s own training site, and/or national and International camps as to minimize travel requirements. Videos and written materials are offered as supplements to the training program.

Upon registration, each instructor training candidate is required to keep track of hours of supervised instruction. These hours should be verified with the supervising instructor as they are completed. When sufficient hours are logged for promotion in instructor grade, the supervising instructor will review the candidate’s progress and forward his recommendation for promotion to the SIA Chief Instructor. Upon approval, the Chief Instructor will issue the appropriate license.

Anyone interested is encouraged to contact me directly with any questions.

Best wishes – Edmond Otis