Sept. 2017 Club Announcements

Hi al, sorry this is late… 
First, really great turnout and intensity and fun and pride at last month’s Gasshuku! 
I really hope everyone enjoyed it! 
We’ll post a bunch more from the training sessions, this week.
Please read all our announcements below. Note, we have an exam coming up this month!

First – August kids tournament results! Great job!

– Thomas Guthrie: Beginner kata champion!

– Conner Fergusson:  Advances kata champion

OK – stuff for September…
1 to 8 September: Club fees are due the first week of the month. If you are using on-line direct deposit, please be sure to note, “Karate”, and the student’s name on the paymentDeposit to ANZ – 01 0685 0189 562 00. 
18 September, Monday: Belt Examination. Adults and kids!  Please remember that karate progress is individually paced. All of our students will not be ready to test. Parents, please help your child understand that it is OK if they are not selected to test every time an exam is held.

– We will give all youth students an exam evaluation to take home before the exam to inform you if they are ready to test.

– The examination fee is $30.00, due the day of the test, or before. This fee includes a new color belt, AJKA-International Certificate of Rank, and a grading passport (for all adults and green belt kids). If a student does not pass, they will be allowed to test again at no charge.

Note: All kid students should try to get to the dojo by 4:30 on the day of the exam. Adult exam will start at 6:00.

25 August, Monday: Kids intra-dojo Kata Competition! Bring your best form!

Also, things to know…

Remember: this is an extra good time for your friends and family members to start training. Send them a link to our site –, or click on the attached poster.

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