Jan. 2018 Club Announcements

Dear all – HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and it was great that so many of us found time to train during the holiday season. 
We start back to our normal schedule this Thursday the 4th with one small adjustment – from 8 January to 1 February kids classes on both Monday and Thursday will start at 5:00 pm.
Before our announcements for the month we have a few people to congratulate from last month…

First – Special Congratulations to everyone who received 2017 Dojo Awards at our year-end dessert party!  

AJKA-International Dojo Service Award – Alexandar Majstorovic | Jacob Barker | Jessica Clegg
Spirit Award – Jack Stitson

Eye of the Tiger Award – Ollie Burns 

Best Technique Award – Hunter Carew

Most Improved Award – Sam Fergusson

Flying Fist Award – Cooper Dobson

The Sensei Award – Rupert Fuge

Second – We had two exams in December. Our regular December rank examination, and our dojo’s yearly dan (black-belt) examination. Congratulations to those who were promoted! Full exam results are at the end of this email. But special congratulations to:
Nidan (2nd degree black-belt) – Alexandar Majstorovic
Shodan (1st degree black-belt) – Jon McDade | Honor Campbell


1 to 8 January: Club fees are due the first week of the month: Yes!  If you want, you can make a direct bank deposit. Please be sure to note, “Karate”, and the student’s name on the payment. Direct Deposit at ANZ – 01 0685 0189 562 00

4 January, Thursday: Yeah! Back to our regular schedule. 

5 January – 1 February: I’m away in the US. The first week visiting family and friends, then traveling and coaching at karate seminars and speaking at a bunch of different events and orginisations. If you’re interested in what else I do besides karate you can look here – www.linkedin.com/in/edmondotis

Thanks to our Geoff, Gabriel, and our outstanding assistant instructors and senior students for making everything work while I’m away.

8 January to 1 February:  Kids classes on both Monday and Thursday will start at 5:00 pm.

29 January, Monday: Kids Sparring Tournament Day: Bring your strongest spirit! Also, remember, if you have a championship belt at home – PLEASE BRING IT IN!
Special – 
New website & photos: Special thanks to our super-active new web team! If you haven’t seen it yet, we have a really nice new website – Click Here. Also, a page with lots of photos from all last year if you missed them – Click Here. Also.2 we’re on facebook – Click here. Friend us! Things are always being added.
Things to remember – 
Remember: the new year is an extra good time for your friends and family members to start training. Send them a link to our site – www.shotokankaratehawkesbay.co.nz, or click on the attached poster.
Advanced classes for kids – Saturday: Parents please remember that our advanced youth kids are encouraged to train with the adults on Saturday morning! We start informally at 8:30 for kata, then have a formal class 9:00 – 10:00. I’d really like to see more of our youth students take this opportunity to raise the level of their karate.
Exam Results – Shotokan Karate Hawke’s Bay | December 2017
Black-belt ranks
Nidan (2nd degree black-belt)
Alexandar Majstorovic
Shodan (1st degree black-belt)
Jon McDade
Honor Campbell
Kyu ranks – Adults
8th Kyu
Seymour Jacqui
6th kyu 
Barker Reid
Nilsson Molly

4th kyu

Christensen Maddison     

Aaron Cook     

Alex Cook        

2nd kyu

Guthrie John  

Maude Brian  

1st kyu

Mauch Celestina 

Belt ranks – Kids

Yellow Belt

Armstrong Kyla

Armstrong Tarquin


Leckner Mackenzie

Park Charlie

Yellow 1 stripe

Stitson Jack    

Carew Braith

Carew Hunter 

Guthrie Thomas         

Kerr Isabella   

Orange Belt

Fuge Rupert

Orange 1 stripe

Baylis Quinn   

Burns Ollie     

Cook Matthew

Evans Connor

Green 1 stripe

Ash Isaac

Blue Belt

Ash Reuben    

Hodgetts George       

Zhao Oscar

Blue 1 stripe

Ferguson Connor

Purple Belt

Ferguson Connor        

Brown 1 stripe

Ferguson Samuel

Happy New Year – elo         

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